State Regulatory Administration and BOC sign Memorandum of Cooperation

 “As the body responsible for implementing deregulation policy, the State Regulatory Administration considers signing this Memorandum as the most effective way to establish a positive business environment, thus protecting the rights of business. The Business Ombudsman Council is a mechanism to protect business rights. The path to effective decision-making lies only in coordinated actions among institutions aimed at improving business climate,” says SRA Director Ksenia Lyapina.
Cooperation between the two sides is intended to facilitate positive change in the transparency of the activities of state agencies and a reduction in the level of corruption, and to prevent unfair behavior in relation to commercial activity in Ukraine.
“Working together with state agencies is a prerequisite to achieve the Council’s objectives. Our cooperation with the State Regulatory Administration is intended to ensure a positive move towards transparency among state agencies and to facilitate a reduction in corruption. This is the first Memorandum on Cooperation we have signed with Ukrainian state agencies. We plan to formalize our intention to cooperate with other key state agencies about which we receive complaints,” says Business Ombudsman Algirdas Šemeta.
Read the text of the Momorandum here

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