The Business Ombudsman Council considers appeals regarding violations of entrepreneurs legal rights by state bodies.

We consider complaints that meet the requirements of our Rules of Procedure.


Have you encountered a malpractice episode on the part of a state body?



Have you not appealed to court or has the legal process in your case completed ?



Has less than a year passed since the malpractice episode occurred?



Have you already used at least used one possibility of an administrative appeal?


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Other methods

You can download and fill out a PDF complaint form
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What is an 'ombudsman'?

'Ombudsman' is a Swedish word meaning 'citizen's representative' – an independent official who investigates complaints from the public about mal-administration in government. The first parliamentary ombudsman was created in Sweden in 1809. Business Ombudsman Council was established in December 2014. The Ombudsman is an officer, independent of the government and all political parties.

What does the Business Ombudsman do?

When should I contact the Business Ombudsman Council?

What can’t the Business Ombudsman Council investigate?

Can the Business Ombudsman Council make the government fix my problem?

How can I submit a complaint?

If I submit a complaint, will I be publicly identified?

Does it cost anything to complain?

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