Our Mediators

Mediation is one of the effective mechanisms for alternative dispute resolution between parties in the presence of a third neutral party, a mediator, facilitating the achievement of mutual agreement in resolving the problematic issue.

Being equidistant from governmental bodies and independent by its nature, the Business Ombudsman Council has been using alternative dispute resolution tools to address entrepreneurs’ complaints in their relations with state bodies since launch of operations. The institution adheres to the principles of confidentiality and impartiality that allows it to be a trusted neutral party for participants in the dispute resolution and mediation processes.

In 2024, the Council’s team deepened its qualifications in mediation. Following the training course at the Ukrainian Mediation Center, the Council’s specialists became certified mediators.

Currently, the Council is working on expanding its toolkit to further develop the culture of mediation in Ukraine. Our goal is to offer businesses another option for out-of-court dispute resolution with state bodies or state-controlled companies.

Yuliia Mykhailiuk

Olena Chorna

Stepan Duplinskyi

Nataliia Dasiuk

Vasyl Sukhovyi

Victoria Antonenko

Natalia Haiduk

Volodymyr Kutsenko

Karyna Hasymova

Andriy Bodnarchuk

Maryna Pavlenchyk

Maksym Dyatel

Olha Lyashenko

Tamara Kalapa

Mariia Kozlenko

Tetiana Mykulska