Updated 07.06.2024

Privacy policy

I, the complainant/complainant’s representative, (hereinafter – the “Personal Data Owner”) hereby give my explicit consent/permit to the PUBLIC SOCIETY “SUPPORT FOR THE ACTIVITIES OF THE BUSINESS OMBUDSMAN COUNCIL” (hereinafter – the “Institution”) to:

Processing by the Institution of my personal data (any information on the Personal Data Owner or information relating to Personal Data Owner, including, but not limited to information about the surname, given name, patronymic name, passport and identification code data, date and place of birth, citizenship, residential and registered address, contact/fax phone numbers, e-mail address and also data about education, occupation, place of employment, work experience, etc. (hereinafter – the “Personal data”) with the aim to:

  • (a) carry out by the Institution its activity according the Memorandum of Understanding for the Ukrainian AntiCorruption Initiative dated 12 May 2014 concluded among the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, the European Business Association, the Federation of Ukrainian Employers, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 691 dated 26.11.2014, including, inter alia, contacting Personal Data Owner directly by means of communication and/or provide services by the Institution;
  • (b) provide services by the third parties to the Institution so the latter can perform its functions;
  • (c) protect the Institution’s rights and interests;
  • (d) carry out the rights and fulfil the obligations by the Institution under other relations between the Institution and Personal Data Owner;

Transferring (spreading) by the Institution, including cross-border, Personal data to the third parties, change, destroy Personal data or limit access thereto, inclusion by the Institution Personal data into the Personal data database with the aim indicated in the clauses “a”-“d” above of this consent/permit and without written notification to the Personal Data Owner about abovementioned actions.

Personal Data Owner gives his/her consent to process the Personal data within the period necessary to process the Personal data according to the aim of Personal data processing, foreseen by the consent/permit, but in any event until the termination of the Institution and/or its successors.

Personal Data Owner hereby acknowledge the fact that he/she was informed about the inclusion of the Personal data to the Institution Personal data database, the fact that Personal Data Owner was informed in writing on the rights of the Personal Data Owner, provided by the Law of Ukraine on “Personal Data Protection” dated 01.06.2010 (hereinafter – the “Law”), the Personal data processing purpose, the data on parties to whom the Personal data are transferred (communicated), certifies that Personal data composition and content correspond to aforementioned Personal data processing aim.

Warning: expression “Personal data processing” is defined by the current legislation, including the Law, and means any action or cumulative actions, entirely or partially performed in the information (automated) system and/or in personal data files related to collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, alteration, updating, usage and distribution (spreading, realization, communication) depersonalization, destroying of the data about an individual, which the Institution and/or the third parties hold.

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