Business Ombudsman Paid a Working Visit to Lviv Region

Mr Šemeta met with the governor of Lviv region Oleg Synyutka and the representatives of public and business environment of Lviv, where he discussed problem issues existing in the region and requiring Business Ombudsman’s intervention.
Business Ombudsman highlighted main directions, on which his Office now develop recommendations. This is, first of all, regulation of legal basis of export-import operations, connection to power grid, tax administration, reallocation of business from the occupied territories. 
Algirdas Šemeta attended several successful enterprises in L’viv, namely LLC “Trottola” (light and leather industry) and LLC “Apteka “Zi” (one of the biggest drugs networks on the territory of Western Ukraine).
Šemeta urged L’viv entrepreneurs to contact Business Ombudsman Council if their legal rights violated: “At the moment Office received 175 complaints, 70 of which became cases, 44 are in the process of consideration, 56 are dismissed as of formal criteria, 5 cases are closed already. We have 5 complaints from Lviv entrepreneurs now”, noted Algirdas Šemeta. He added that his Office will develop system recommendations for complaints on legislative changes, which could make life of the business easier.
We would like to remind that visit to Lviv has been performed within the frames of the Business Ombudsman visit program to the regions of Ukraine, where Mr. Šemeta meets the entrepreneurs and officials to discuss key problems they face while doing business and the possibilities for improvement of the regions investment potential. At the beginning of June Mr. Šemeta visited Chernigiv and Kharkiv regions. In the nearest time trips to Dnipropetrovs’k, Odesa, Mykolayiv and Kherson are planned.

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