The first step made to solve Odesa seaport driveway problem

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Complainee: The Ministry of Infrastructure
Complaint in brief: A subsidiary of a German logistics holding, approached the Business Ombudsman Council. For several years, the company’s trucks could not freely and easily enter the territory of Odesa Commercial Sea Port. This happened because one company remained a monopolist in this field and serviced a cargo for a fixed fee upon entering the port. It turned out that the problem was significant for the residents of the streets of Odessa city on which trucks moved to the terminal standing in traffic jams around the clock and creating an obstacle for ordinary cars. Local people repeatedly protested  and even blocked streets. Back in 2019, during his visit to Odesa, the President of Ukraine instructed city authorities to settle the issue of free entry to the port. Odesa City Council discussed construction of an alternative  road to the seaport overpass with all the stakeholders. However, solution of the problem was delayed.
Actions taken: The BOC recommended that the Ministry of Infrastructure develop a roadmap for the construction of an alternative road to Odesa port and hold a meeting involving the respective stakeholders . The Ministry of Infrastructure announced that the budget program for 2020 included the road construction with paths to Odesa Commercial Sea Port. Specialists began developing a road construction project.
Result achieved: Thanks to the BOC interference, the Ministry of Infrastructure approved construction of a free road to access Odesa Commercial Sea Port. It is known that the new road will connect Odesa Commercial Sea Port territory and Odesa – Iuzhnyi M-28 road. The case was closed.

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