Mobile operator tax debts

Tax issues: Problems with the electronic VAT administration Kyiv

Complainee:  The State Tax Service (STS)
Complaint in brief: A Ukrainian mobile operator representative turned to the Business Ombudsman Council. The company complained that periodically there was a tax debt on land rent in the taxpayer’s e-office. At the time of lodging the complaint, the amount was UAH 2k. Tax authorities referred to incorrect operation of the software, due to which the system displayed information about the debt. The complainant requested the State Tax Service to issue a certificate of no indebtedness and to write off the mistakenly accrued debt. Due to such a technical error, the mobile operator could not participate in public procurement tenders and incurred financial losses. The BOC started case investigation
Actions taken: The investigator examined the case file and found the complaint substantiated. The Council recommended the State Tax Service to correct the complainant’s integrated card data and write off the incorrectly accrued rent debt.
Result achieved: Due to the fact that the BOC drew the tax service’s attention to the mobile operator’s case, the data in the integrated card was  corrected. The STS wrote off the mistakenly  accrued debt to the mobile operator. The case was closed.

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