SFS registers tax invoices worth UAH 2mn

Tax VAT invoice suspension Kyiv

Subject of complaint: State Fiscal Service (SFS)
Complaint in brief: On August 11, 2017, a Kyiv-based engineering company turned to the BOC with a complaint against the SFS. The recently-introduced monitoring system had suspended the registration of the Complainant’s tax invoices worth UAH 2mn. Meanwhile, the SFS Commission kept delaying a decision on the registration. The company received no explanations from the SFS regarding the hold-up and options for releasing the tax invoices.
Action taken: The BOC investigator talked over the specifics of the new system with the Complainant, explaining its working principles and steps that needed to be taken to ensure the timely registration of tax invoices. The investigator also discussed the Complainant’s case with members of the SFS working group, sent a written request to support the Complainant’s position, and proved that there was no basis for suspending the tax invoices.
Result achieved: On August 20, the Complainant notified the BOC that the tax invoices had been successfully registered. Thanks to the BOC intervention, the case was closed in a few days.

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