SBU in Rivne Oblast stops hostile campaign against TOV Oldi

Rivne region

Subject of complaint: Security Bureau of Ukraine (SBU), the Main SBU Department for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption in Rivne Oblast
Complaint in brief: On November 25, 2016, the Complainant, a small foreign wood processing factory TOV Oldi, operating in Rivne Oblast, addressed the BOC to help challenge procedural abuses on the part of the SBU office in Rivne Oblast. The actions included request from the SBU office to the firm’s employees to appear at the SBU office, psychological pressure and SBU visits to the homes of employees. 
Actions taken: On November 30, the BOC investigator sent requests to the Prosecutor General’s Office and to the SBU asking to look into the actions of SBU in Rivne Oblast. The PGO and SBU responded that an official check had shown no procedural abuses. On December 20, the BOC investigator brought up the case during a meeting between top SBU and BOC officials.
Result achieved: On December 30, the Complainant informed the Council that the abuse by the local SBU office had stopped and that for a month there had been no problems with law enforcement agencies. The BOC closed the case.

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