MEDT drops penalty requiring individual licensing for non-flammable insulation maker

State Security Service: criminal case initiated Cherkasy region

Subject of complaint: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT), Main Department of Security Bureau of Ukraine in Cherkasy Oblast (SBU in Cherkasy Oblast), Cherkasy Сustoms under State Fiscal Service (Cherkasy Customs)
Complaint in brief: In November 2016, LLC “Plant of thermoinsulation materials “Techno”, a producer of non-flammable mineral wool insulation for the construction industry, lodged a complaint with the BOC regarding illegal actions by MEDT and SBU in Cherkasy Oblast, and Cherkasy Customs. The Complainant reported that, during June 2016, it was in the process of importing clay into Ukraine. Due to the excess weight of the clay, Cherkasy Customs issued the notice of violation of customs rules and passed this information on to the SBU. Based on the information from the SBU, MEDT decided to apply a special penalty against the Complainant by requiring individual licensing.
Actions taken: On November 23, the BOC investigator sent a request to MEDT to ensure a thorough and impartial review of the Complainant’s petition to suspend the special penalty.
Result achieved: As a result of BOC intervention, on December 22, MEDT dropped the individual licensing requirement for the Complainant. The case was closed.

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