PO stops customs inspections of retailer’s imported goods

Prosecutor’s Office actions: procedural abuse Kyiv

Subject of complaint: Kyiv Garrison Military Prosecutor’s Office, Central Region of Ukraine (MPO), Kyiv Oblast Economic Protection Department, Main Department of National Police (Kyiv Oblast EPD)
Complaint in brief: In October 2016, the Complainant, a retailer registered in Kyiv, addressed the BOC to help challenge procedural abuses by the Military Prosecutor’s Office and the Kyiv Oblast Economic Protection Department during a pre-trial investigation of a criminal case. Specifically, the Complainant noted regular full customs inspections of imported goods that were baseless.
Actions taken: The BOC investigator sent requests to the Prosecutor’s General Office, the MPO and the Kyiv Oblast EPD to review the Complainant’s case and indicate whether it was necessary to continue operative and investigative actions as part of the criminal case. In its reply, the MPO informed the BOC that the criminal case and the BOC’s request had been forwarded to the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office.
On January 11, 2017, the PGO informed the Council that the Kyiv Oblast Prosecutor had initiated a criminal case over abuse of office by officials at the MPO and the Kyiv Oblast EPD. The PGO had also taken charge of both criminal cases.
Result achieved: On January 25, the Complainant confirmed that a criminal investigation had been launched against the MPO and the EPD, and that customs inspections of its imported goods had stopped. The case was closed. 

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