SFS registers tax invoices in electronic form from TOV “INTERA-STROY”

Tax Termination of agreement on recognition of electronic reporting and Tax status 09 Poltava region

Subject of complaint: Kremenchuk Joint State Tax Inspection, Poltava Oblast Main Department of State Fiscal Service (Kremenchuk STI)
Complaint in brief: On October 19, 2016, the Complainant, a construction company TOV “INTERA-STROY”, lodged a complaint with the BOC regarding the unjustified refusal of officials at the Kremenchuk STI to register tax invoices saying that the agreement on recognizing electronic document might be terminated. The Complainant applied to the Kremenchuk STI with a request to clarify the issue, to no avail.
Action taken: The BOC investigator discussed the complaint with executives of Kremenchuk STI and submitted the case for further consideration to the joint working group between the Council and the SFS on December 22.
Result achieved: Following the meeting of the working group, the Complainant informed the Council that his tax invoices had been successfully registered. The case was closed.

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