New categories of goods included in critical imports

Three companies have contacted the #BOC_helpline to expand the critical imports list. 
One of the companies sells heating furnaces. Traditionally, the majority of furnaces on the domestic market in Ukraine are provided by foreign manufacturers. During the war, cast-iron movable wood stoves began to be in great demand among the military and migrants from the war zone. However, these stoves were not included in the critical imports category, so a particularly important household item for our defenders at the front could become hard-to-find.
Despite large-scale hostilities, which destroyed many buildings and infrastructure, repair and restoration works in Ukraine have not stopped. However, given that the brick industry in Ukraine is concentrated in regions significantly affected by Russia’s armed aggression, there was a threat of shortage of one of the most important building materials – bricks. Given the demand for bricks, the building materials supplier asked to add the respective UCGFEA code to the critical imports list. 
Another company, a German equipment manufacturer and distributor, informed the Council that Ukrainian manufacturing and metallurgical enterprises had demand for foreign metalworking and cermet processing machines and industrial vacuum cleaners for waste removal, while construction and road services needed topographic instruments and tools to restore infrastructure and roads. Given the lack of analogues in the domestic market, the company asked the BOC to help with inclusion of the said goods categories in the critical imports list.
In all cases BOC investigators promptly advised companies on drawing up of an application on inclusion of relevant UCGFEA codes in the critical imports list.  The Council supported the applicants and sent letters to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine with its legal justification, recommending that the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 24 February 2022, No.153 “On the Critical Imports List” be supplemented with corresponding commodity items. As a result of the BOC facilitation, heating furnaces (code 7321), bricks (code 6904), machines (code 8461), vacuum cleaners (code 8508), topographic instruments and tools (code 9015) were defined as critical imports.

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