Goods move from Romanian port to Ukraine

A repair and construction equipment manufacturer and distributor imported rigging products from abroad. At the end of last year, the company purchased cargo restraints from a foreign supplier, which were on the way to Odesa port. However, the war paralyzed the Black Sea ports, and the consignment was sent to Ukraine in transit through the Romanian Port of Constanta. Romanian customs officers refused to ship two containers with cargo restraints – the goods got stuck in the Romanian port for a month. At the request of the customs, the company submitted documents on the origin of goods, but failed to ship the purchased products to Ukrainian customers, including to restore the infrastructure.
After receiving a call to the #BOC_helpline, the investigator got familiar with the company’s documents and found no grounds for blocking the cargo. The Council communicated with the Port of Constanta administration. As a result, two containers with the goods were unloaded and sent to Ukraine by road.

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