Mobile ambulant clinic arrives in Ukraine

The Latvian office of the charity organisation of the fast food chain Ronald McDonald’s House Foundation decided to help Ukrainians affected by the war and provide them with a mobile ambulant clinic – a large car with medical equipment where 7 doctors can work at the same time. Separately, the Polish side provided medical staff for the ambulant clinic.
To ensure the unimpeded delivery of the car with doctors, the charity organisation turned to BOC helpline. The applicant requested assistance in obtaining a permit for doctors to cross the Ukrainian border and to temporarily import a mobile ambulant clinic.
BOC team, led by the Deputy Business Ombudsman, promptly contacted the State Customs Service of Ukraine and the Shegini-Medika checkpoint and discussed the applicant’s issues. Customs officers confirmed that the car could cross the border and helped accompany the border crossing.
Now Ukrainians in need of medical care can get it in a mobile ambulant clinic from the Foundation’s European charity organisation.
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