Medical University opens a branch in Poland

Since the war began, one of Ukraine’s largest private medical universities decided to open a branch in Poland to continue training future medical professionals. The university has more than 3,200 students from 62 countries. However, due to hostilities, foreign students were afraid to continue their studies in Ukraine.
After receiving a call to the #BOC_helpline, the Business Ombudsman and the investigator held several online meetings with the medical university administration. As a result, the university developed an action plan to create a branch in the Republic of Poland, which would allow it to retain a Ukrainian license and at the same time teach foreign students in another country.
The BOC appealed to the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and helped the university obtain the necessary documents to open a branch.
At present, the Medical University also successfully approved creation of the branch with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. The university is expected to start training students in Poland in July this year.

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