A consultaion on getting an opinion on scrap safety

A steel importer turned to the #BOC_Helpline with the issue of his being unable to find a working laboratory to obtain an opinion on the scrap metal safety. Due to martial law, laboratories the applicant usually approached ceased their operations. To import steel from abroad, the company had to provide the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources (Ministry of Environment) with information on the composition and origin of scrap and waste. However, the applicant could not find a laboratory that could conduct the necessary expert examination. The company sought the BOC assistance in finding such a laboratory.
The Council’s investigator communicated with the Ministry of Environment and explained to the applicant that in order to obtain an opinion on the scrap safety, the Ministry must submit a standard certificate (on explosion safety, chemical and radiation safety), which the applicant could fill out on his own. To do this, the applicant company must have an employee responsible for environmental protection.  In this case it is not necessary to appeal to third-party laboratories. If the company does not have such an employee, the applicant may apply to any testing laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Agency. Hence, the BOC investigator also sent the applicant a list and contact details of such accredited laboratories.

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