Kyiv Regional State Administration malpractice ceased

Actions of local councils/municipalities: Allocating land plots Kyiv

Subject of complaint: Kyiv Regional State Administration (RSA)
Complaint in brief: A hydroelectric power plant developer in Kyiv Oblast complaining about RSA actions turned to the Council. According to the Complainant, Kyiv Regional State Administration delayed the approval of technical documentation submitted by it.
Actions taken: The Deputy Business Ombudsman and the Council’s investigator in charge personally met with RSA Deputy Head to discuss the Complaint. The Council drew the government agency’s attention to delay in handling incoming Complainant’s documentation. To follow-up the issue, after the meeting, the Council repeatedly orally communicated with two RSA deputies in charge for the land allocation and infrastructure. However, when it became clear there was no progress in the case, the investigator reported on the company’s complaint to the Head of RSA.
Not having received a response in time, the Council addressed the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in writing, paying attention to shortcomings in the work of RSA.
Result achieved: The appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers worked. A few days later a special meeting was held at RSA, where the Complainant’s issue was discussed. RSA top management issued a corresponding order to the Administration Head. Technical documentation on land allocation for the hydroelectric power plant was approved. The Complainant thanked the Council for assistance in resolving the case.

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