Law enforcers pressure on company from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast stopped

State Security Service: criminal case initiated Dnipropetrovs'k region

Subject of complaint: Nikopol Department of the State Security Service of Ukraine Office in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (SBU)
Complaint in brief: An electronic equipment distributor turned to the Council. The company complained about law enforcers pressure on its economic activities.
According to the Complainant, SBU officers, having travelled a 236 km distance, came to the company CEO’s home on a day-off to allegedly check the company’s location. Moreover, law enforcers urged the CEO to certify in writing that one of his counterparties was a fictitious company. According to the Complainant, after the CEO refused, the pressure intensified. The company’s CEO was summoned for an interview. However, no official suspicion from law enforcers was put forward to him.
Having no idea what was going on and what actually caused such an interest on the part of law enforcers, the Complainant appealed to the Council, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine and the State Bureau of Investigations (DBR).
Actions taken: The Council considered the company’s complaint and recommended the PGO and the DBR to check SBU officers’ actions. However, DBR did not see sufficient grounds in their actions to launch criminal proceedings. The PGO forwarded the Council’s appeal to the Military Prosecutor’s Office of southern region of Ukraine, and the latter – to its garrison in Dnepropetrovsk. The complainant’s appeal finally came to SBU.
Result achieved: SBU accepted the Council’s arguments and took the Complainant’s information into account in its internal operative activities. Law enforcers pressure on the company’s business stopped. The company thanked the Council for assistance in resolving the case.

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