Failure to recognize and register digital signatures delays VAT invoices

Tax issues: Problems with the electronic VAT administration Kyiv

Subject of Complaint: Solomianskiy District State Tax Inspection, Kyiv
Complaint in Brief: The Complainant, an IT company, claimed that the registration of an agreement on the recognition of electronic documents was being delayed by government agencies. Because of this delay the Complainant could not register VAT invoices electronically for a long time. According to the SFS instruction “On recognition of electronic documents” posted on its website, the standard timeframe for processing such agreements by tax inspection was 5 working days. However, 30 days after submission, Complainant’s agreement still had not been activated. Numerous requests to clarify the situation and participation in “working groups” brought no result, and so the Complainant decided to turn to the BOC.
Actions taken: BOC experts met with the Deputy Head of the State Tax Inspection and the Director of the Solomianskiy District State Tax Inspection in Kyiv. They requested to be informed whether or not the agreement recognizing electronic documents was already valid and what the reasons were for putting Complainant on hold. 
Result achieved: Soon after the BOC’s facilitation, an official response was received from the Solomianskiy District STI, notifying that the Agreement was valid. The Complainant confirmed this and the case was prepared to be closed. 

Next case:: VAT payer registration restored