VAT payer registration restored

Tax issues: Other issues Kyiv

Subject of Complaint: State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFS), Solomianskiy District State Tax Inspection, Kyiv
Complaint in Brief: The Complainant, a small manufacturer, informed the BOC that he was finding it impossible to restore its VAT payer registration. The Complainant had made multiple attempts to restore its VAT payer registration, without result. The Complainant had already been waiting more than 2 months for its requests to be considered and finally asked the BOC to facilitate a response from tax authorities and recover its VAT registration.
Actions taken: The BOC sent a letter to the State Fiscal Service with recommendations to ensure impartial, comprehensive consideration of the Complainant’s appeal of the local SFS decision.
Result achieved: After the BOC requested the national SFS to properly consider the complaint, the Service cancelled the decision of the State Fiscal Service in Kyiv. Thus, the Complainant’s VAT payer registration was finally restored, and the BOC investigation was closed.

Next case:: Criminal proceedings launched by the Financial Investigations Department of SFS successfully closed