DABI registers sugar plant documents with the Council’s facilitation

Other state regulators DABI Kyrovograd region

Subject of complaint: State Architectural and Construction Inspection in Kirovohrad Oblast (DABI) 
Complaint in brief: On October 2, 2018, a leading Ukrainian sugar producer appealed to the Council with a complaint about the inactivity of DABI.
As part of the reconstruction and expansion of production, the company planned on-site construction of two technical facilities: a beet pulp storage area and a concrete production plant. According to urban planning classification, both objects belong to simple ones (CC1, low consequences of responsibility). Besides, to start building such facilities, it was only necessary to inform DABI thereof as the Complainant did. In accordance with the procedure, the construction inspection makes a record in the corresponding Register within one day and then the applicant has the right to begin construction. 
However, DABI did not accept the company’s documents.  With a delay of several weeks it returned them to the Complainant  for him to eliminate minor inaccuracies when completing the forms. The enterprise made recommended changes to the document package but  the notification hadn’t been registered again. Feeling that DABI inactivity impedes the development of his business, the Complainant turned to the Business Ombudsman Council for help. 
Actions taken: The Council’s investigator thoroughly studied case materials and upheld the Complainant’s position. She addressed a local DABI and DABI of Ukraine in writing twice and stressed it was necessary to immediately enter the record in the Register. During the investigation, the investigator maintained constant communication with DABI departments in charge. 
Result achived: With the Council’s facilitation, on November 30, the company reported that DABI registered the notification of the start of construction. The case was closed. 

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