Internal investigation proves inactivity of police officers 

Actions of local councils/municipalities: Other actions Kherson region

Subject of complaint: General Directorate of the National Police in Kherson Oblast (Kherson National Police)
Complaint in brief: On October 2, 2018, an enterprise from Kherson Oblast applied to the Council with a complaint about Kherson National Police officers’ inactivity.
There is a land plot and a part of the building belonging to the Complainant. According to the company, one of its neighboring premises is a cafe that has been constructing something in the public basement over the last few years. Besides, the cafe owner damped the debris and waste on the Complainant’s land plot. 
The Complainant asked the restaurateur many times to remove the debris, however, the latter never quite did it. The garbage continued accumulating in the Applicant’s courtyard and the plot belonging to the local community. 
The cafe owner ignored oral requests, therefore, the Complainant called the National Police and a private security company. It was at this time that the builders were working in the basement again and dumping garbage on the Applicant’s plot. The police arrived at the scene and made sure that the renovation was performed at the request of the cafe. In addition, the Applicant filed a statement to the National Police, and adduced video evidence to it. He asked the police officers to look into the issue and bring perpetrators to justice. 
At the same time, Kherson National Police officers had not properly reacted to the Complainant’s request and only talked to the rude neighbor. The café owner, who had been dumping debris on the neighbor’s land plot for two years, had not been brought to justice yet. 
Actions taken: To understand the police officers’ actions the investigator brought up the issue to a higher level: apart from Kherson National Police the investigator wrote to the General Directorate of the National Police in Ukraine. He asked to carry out an internal investigation and check the legitimacy of the National Police officers’ actions. 
Result achieved: The internal investigation revealed that in the case of the Complainant’s case Kherson National Police officers really acted overly procedural and perfunctory. Law enforcers could have brought the cafe owner to administrative responsibility, however, as of the end of November, the deadline for bringing to justice had already expired. Therefore, the National Police top management ordered the district police officer to hold a preventive conversation with the restaurateur and avert similar violations in the future. The Complainant thanked the Council for assistance and support. 

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