Container maker gets SACI to sign off on completed reconstruction

Other state regulators DABI Rivne region

Subject of complaint: State Architectural and Construction Inspection, Rivne Oblast (Rivne Oblast SACI)
Complaint in brief: In December 2016, the Complainant, a manufacturer of containers located in Rivne Oblast, lodged a complaint with the BOC to challenge the Rivne Oblast SACI’s refusal to register the company’s declarations that capital reconstruction of its industrial facility had been completed. 
The Complainant claimed that the main reason for SACI’s refusal to register the declarations was non-payment of a contribution to infrastructure development of the local population center. However, in accordance with the declarations, the land plot with the Complainant’s facility is located outside the town.
Actions taken: The BOC investigator requested the Rivne SACI to clarify the legal grounds for its refusal to register the Complainant’s declarations. The BOC investigator also contacted SACI permit departments in other oblasts in order to receive comparable information.
On January 16, 2017 the BOC investigator and the Deputy Business Ombudsman raised the Complainant’s case at a meeting with SACI’s national leadership. It was agreed that SACI HQ would arrange an internal meeting to make sure its territorial offices followed the same procedures in similar cases.
Result achieved: Following the BOC’s involvement, the Complainant informed the Council on January 25 that the Rivne SACI had registered its declarations. The case was closed successfully.

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