Brewery network receives positive opinion from the State Ecological Inspectorate

Other state regulators StateGeoCadastre Kharkiv region

Complainee: inaction of the State Environmental Inspectorate in Kharkiv Oblast
Complaint in brief: PJSC ABINBEV EFES UKRAINE (part of Abinbev Efes international brewing corporation and a brewing company Anadolu Efes) complained that the State Environmental Inspectorate in Kharkiv region delayed conducting an unscheduled audit of implementing the order issued by the Inspection as a result of the scheduled audit.
As a result, Kharkiv branch of the company could not extend the duration of a special permit from Stategeonadra for extracting potable groundwater, since Stategeonadra referred to the existence of the indicated order of the State Ecological Inspection of Kharkiv region.
It is noteworthy that the respective inspection was carried out back in 2019. Despite disagreeing with the order, the company met all its requirements and appealed to the state body multiple times to conduct the unscheduled inspection. Unfortunately, the Environmental Inspectorate was in no hurry to do it.
Actions taken: The investigator examined the case file and found the complaint substantiated.
The Council recommended that the State Environmental Inspectorate in Kharkiv Oblast immediately check the complainant’s compliance with order requirements. Among other things, the Council noted that further delays in performing inspection resulted in obstacles to extending the duration the permit from Stategeonadra being essential for the complainant’s production process.
Result achieved: The State Environmental Inspectorate in Kharkiv Oblast informed the Council of the enterprise inspection date. Following the inspection, the Inspectorate confirmed there were no remarks on the complainant. The Complainant informed the Council about the inspection and thanked for assistance: “We truly thank your team for their efforts and professionalism in the work, which resulted in support and protection of business interests in government bodies. As of today, the State Environmental Inspectorate of Kharkiv region has held the inspection and confirmed compliance with all order provisions. The case was closed.
Investigator’s recommendation: Our complainants can appeal not only decisions or actions of state and local authorities, but also the respective inaction (omission) (as in this case). We advise you to try to resolve the issue on your own, but at the same time do not hesitate to contact us if such an attempt failed.

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