BOC contributes to water management modernization project in Kramatorsk 

Actions of local councils/municipalities: Investment disputes Donets'k region

Subject of complaint: Kramatorsk City Council 
Complaint in brief: A Slovenian construction company turned to the Business Ombudsman Council. The complaint dealt with unsuccessful attempts to launch a joint Ukrainian-Slovenian “Development of Urban Infrastructure-2” project in Kramatorsk at the expense of the World Bank loan. The purpose of the project was to improve the quality of services and efficiency of using energy by utility companies in the area of water supply, wastewater treatment and water supply system energy efficiency management in Kramatorsk. 
Actions taken: The BOC investigator sent a request to the Chairman of Kramatorsk City Council and the Head of Kramatorsk Vodokanal public utility company and recommended
to approve the project as soon as possible. The City Council informed measures for project implementation had been taken – the amount of using allocated funds had been approved with the World bank and the plan aimed at stabilizing the financial state and preventing Kramatorsk Vodokanal bankruptcy had been developed.
Given the project importance for Kramatorsk, the investigator continued monitoring the Business Ombudsman’s Office recommendation implementation status and applied to the government agency again two months later. However, Kramatorsk City Council soon informed the BOC the World Bank decided to stop participating in the project. So, the Complainant’s issue became irrelevant. 
Result achieved: The Council had to discontinue the investigation of the complaint, due to its circumstances being irrelevant. 

Next case:: The Council closes the case due to insufficient level of cooperation on the part of the Complainant