The Council closes the case due to insufficient level of cooperation on the part of the Complainant 

Deficiencies in regulatory framework customs Odesa region

Subject of complaint: The State Fiscal Service (SFS), SFS Customs (Customs)
Complaint in brief: The Council received a complaint from timber products exporter. The company complained about the Customs that demanded an additional package of documents for customs clearance. 
According to the company, the customs authority did not have the right to demand such documents, as it contradicted the Customs Code of Ukraine.
Actions taken: Despite the fact the Complainant did not provide all the supporting documents proving violations of the government agency, the Council started the complaint investigation. In the course of the investigation, the investigator requested additional documents from the Complainant confirming the Customs malpractice. However, the company did not respond. The investigator contacted the Complainant three times within one month and reminded of the additional documents However, the exporter still didn’t provide them.

Result achieved: Taking into account the insufficient level of cooperation on the part of the Complainant, the Council decided to discontinue the investigation of the case and informed the company on the above-mentioned.  

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