#URC2024 in Germany: Business Ombudsman Council on Ukraine Recovery Conference Results

Reflecting on the results of the Ukraine Recovery Conference #URC2024 in Germany, we, as the Business Ombudsman Council, are very pleased to once again be a part of this powerful international event in support of Ukraine.

The Business Ombudsman Council has been systematically involved in Ukraine’s recovery processes, engaging the private sector and participating in strategic communications within the framework of URC 2022-2024. We have been involved in both the preparation process and international consultations ahead of the forums in Lugano (Switzerland), London (UK), and Berlin (Germany). In particular, the leadership of the Business Ombudsman Council—Ukraine’s Business Ombudsman Roman Waschuk and his Deputy Tetiana Korotka—participated in a series of events, both of open and closed formats, held alongside the main part of the conference.

The focus of URC2024 was on critical topics for resisting the enemy and post-war recovery, such as military assistance to protect civilian infrastructure, support and development of small and medium-sized businesses, Ukraine’s European integration, energy sector recovery, human capital development, strengthening territorial communities, and cooperation with municipalities from other countries in the reconstruction process.

Unlike last year’s URC, this year’s conference in Berlin was notable for the strong representation of Ukraine’s private sector. At the Recovery Conference, international partners once again demonstrated unanimous support for Ukraine, both in the context of the aggressive full-scale war unleashed by russia against Ukraine and the democratic world, and in solidifying their vision of Ukraine within the European Union community. To formalize new ideas for Ukraine’s recovery into partnerships and accelerate its European integration, the Ukrainian side concluded over a hundred cooperation agreements, including with financial institutions and energy companies.

The Ukraine Recovery Conference demonstrates the consistent and unwavering support of Ukraine’s international partners, who are ready to assist the country in its rightful fight to restore its borders and achieve a victorious peaceful life.

The Business Ombudsman Council actively participates in Ukraine’s recovery processes, engages in discussion platforms on this topic, and most importantly, maintains active communication with Ukrainian and foreign entrepreneurs, so that they are aware of the Council’s free services in protecting against abuses by state bodies. For 9 years in a row, the Council’s activities have sent a clear signal to both domestic and foreign businesses: entrepreneurs can rely on the Business Ombudsman in cases of issues related to establishing or developing dialogue with Ukraine’s state authorities. This is an additional aspect of the Council’s functionality, which daily handles dozens, if not hundreds, of business complaints about various problems in interactions with the state.

The Business Ombudsman Council repeatedly emphasizes that Ukraine’s private sector is the driver of a sustainable economy and reconstruction. Therefore, the Council is ready to help entrepreneurs eliminate barriers to doing business and will continue to promote the ideas of good governance and the implementation of the best European administration practices in Ukraine concerning the private sector.