Cooperation and coordination of efforts for Reconstruction: Ministry of Reconstruction and the Business Ombudsman Council sign a Memorandum of Cooperation

The Memorandum will strengthen  partnership between the institutions in urgent issues of recovery and  involvement of business in the reconstruction process.

“During more than nine  years of operations, the Business Ombudsman Council has proven itself as an effective institution for establishing an open and constructive dialogue between the state and business. The Ministry’s team creates conditions for  involving business in the reconstruction of Ukraine, that is why we are joining our efforts with the Council’s team for open and constructive interaction,” said Oleksandr Kubrakov, the Deputy Prime Minister for the Reconstruction of Ukraine – Minister for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure  Development of Ukraine.

“Consolidation of effrots of the Business Ombudsman Council with the Ministry of Restoration in the Memorandum is a sign of the Government’s proactivity in creating better, more transparent conditions for business in the reconstruction process and will contribute to  involving the private sector in the reconstruction under conditions of openness and trust,” emphasized Roman Waschuk, the Business Ombudsman of Ukraine  .

The document provides for  strengthening of cooperation between the MinRestoration and BOC through implementing  joint initiatives and activities at the international, national and local levels; conducting research on socio-economic development of  regions; developing recommendations for improving the legislation and the regulatory framework in the field of restoration.

In addition, the institutions agreed to cooperate in consideration of business complaints, lying within the competence of the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development, as well as to exchange experience in  developing  strategic documents for communities and regional development to   reconstruct  infrastructure and  develop  the processing industry.

The interaction of BOC and the Min Restoration will strengthen the state’s capacity of  deploying initiatives for  reconstruction and renewal of Ukraine from  attacks of the russian aggressor, as well as contribute to  deepening of the European integration processes.

The text of the Memorandum.

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