Business Ombudsman Roman Waschuk and his Deputy Tetyana Korotka participate in the meeting with the Prosecutor General and leading business associations

The Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin met with the leadership of the Business Ombudsman Council and leading business associations.
The Prosecutor General openly voiced the complex issues of investment protection under martial law and new approaches in work to ensure accelerated economic recovery. In addition, a team of the Prosecutor General’s Office was presented, which will directly address issues of criminal proceedings in the field of economy.
Roman Waschuk, Business Ombudsman, opened the discussion, focusing on the following points:
Mr. Waschuk called on the Prosecutor General to be a spokesman for moving away from formalism and casuistry to a new substantive legal culture. Mr. Kostin emphasized the importance of such a paradigm shift — particularly in the new generation.

  • Appeals profile to the Business Ombudsman Council has returned to the “normal” since before February 24, i.e. to the old problems.
  • The Prosecutor’s Office must follow the Standards of Prosecutors’ Activities in the Field of Investment Protection during Pretrial Investigations, which were approved in January 2022 on the eve of the invasion of the russian federation.
  • Business remains unsatisfied with the level of execution of court decisions, this issue should remain on the agenda of the relevant bodies until it is resolved in principle.
  • Ukraine is returning the temporarily occupied territories step by step. In this regard and for their quick economic rehabilitation, law enforcement agencies should make every effort to avoid abuses during investigations related to suspected collaborationism.

Next news: Tax issues again hit the top of complaints list considered by the Business Ombudsman