Applications to join the Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance are being accepted

The Business Ombudsman Council encourages companies working transparently to join the Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance.
On May 19, the Business Ombudsman Council, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development presented the Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance. This is a new initiative for businesses that want to work transparently. The purpose of this network is to promote the idea of doing business ethically and responsibly. By instituting responsibility in the foundations of a company’s operations, businesses will be able to counter corruption, lighten regulatory pressures, ease access to credits, and foster their entry onto international markets. At this time, 46 Ukrainian and international companies have signed the pledge of integrity. 
Applications to join the network are now being accepted. Acceptance of applications for joining the network continues. Any company, regardless of its size or sphere of activities may join. The key to becoming a member is to favor a high standard of integrity and compliance in doing business. 
Companies willing to join the Network should fill out a questionnaire. Each candidate will be verified based on information from open sources. Reports on results will be passed to the initiative group to decide on approval or denial of the candidate.
On October 9, 2017, the Network will be officially established by signing the Memorandum between the initiative group and new members. 
For any questions about joining the UNIC, contact BOC Investigator Tetiana Kheruvimova via e-mail at tetiana.kheruvimova@boi.org.ua or by phone at +380 (44) 237 74 01.
You can have a look at the presentation of the Network following the link.

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