United State Tax Inspection of Kharkiv City confirms VAT payer registration

Tax termination/renewal/refusal of VAT payers registration Kharkiv region

Subject of complaint: United State Tax Inspection in Kharkiv of Main Department of State Fiscal Service in Kharkiv Oblast (USTI of Kharkiv City)
Complaint in brief: On June 22, 2016, Complainant, a newly registered local Internet-provider, addressed to the BOC to help challenge refusals by the USTI of Kharkiv City to register Complainant as a VAT taxpayer. The two refusals of USTI were substantiated on the ground that the information about Complainant’s location mentioned in the registration application was allegedly incorrect.
Action taken: After investigating the matter, the BOC investigator contacted the employees of USTI of Kharkiv City and provided phone consultation on the matter, including recommendation to verify the reasons of refusals in registration of Complainant as VAT payer. 
Result achieved: Due to the BOC involvement the Complainant was registered as a VAT payer. The case was closed successfully.

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