The StateGeoCadastre approves documents for children’s camp 

Other state regulators AMCU Cherkasy region

Сomplainee: The State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre (StateGeoCadastre) 
Complaint in brief: A children’s camp addressed the Council. The top management of the institution complained that StateGeoCadastre delayed carrying out state examination of the land management project for allotment of the land plot located near the camp. 
There is a pond next to the camp used by the company in its economic activity for sports activities and children entertainment. The water body is bounded by an earthen dam, on which lies the road regularly used by the company. Due to being washed with water and no operational care, the dam is in a critical condition, is destroying daily and dangerous to use. The company tried to solve the issue with government agencies concerning dam repair without leasing the land plot, but it didn’t work out because of the reluctance of officials to take responsibility. This negligence towards dam maintenance may at any time lead to its breach and harm the company, as the camp is located on the pond bank and flooding can stop its normal operation for a long time.
Trying to take the dam repair under control, in 2017 the company initiated the procedure for land allocation in local community ownership, to be able to lease it on a competitive basis then. A part of this process was land management project state examination. Several land allocation stages were behind, however, the State GeoCadastre several times rejected land use examination of the land management project for formal reasons. The documents were several times returned for revision.
Actions taken: After examining the complainant’s complaint, the Council’s investigator addressed the StateGeoCadastre in writing asking to impartially consider the Complainant’s appeal. The government agency replied again it was necessary to revise the documents and take into account all the remarks made in the conclusion.
Realizing that such correspondence can last very long, the investigator asked the government agency for a meeting to promptly discuss all the remarks and further develop a follow-up action plan for the company. After that, she called and discussed the complainant’s issues with the StateGeoCadastre representative. 
Result achieved: The StateGeoCadastre accepted the Council’s arguments and approved the Complainant’s land management project. The subject of the complaint was successfully resolved. 

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