The issue pending DABI registration for two years was resolved in one day

Other state regulators DABI Odesa region

Subject of complaint: The State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine (DABI). 
Complaint in brief: On July 11, 2018, a developer company from Odesa region turned to the Council. For over two years DABI refused to register a ready-to-use facility. 
In 2016, the Complainant built a parking lot for the sale of building materials. He turned to DABI to register the facility The inspection found errors in the application and refused the registration. The Complainant corrected them and re-submitted the documents. DABI refused a second time. 
Considering the refusal to be groundless, the company appealed to the Odesa Administrative Court. The court ruled in favor of the Complainant. However, this did not influence DABI – the state agency still did not register the parking lot. 
At the same time the company was suffering losses. One could not reimburse building costs because the facility did not work. In addition, it was necessary to pay for the lease of the territory. When it seemed that it was impossible to defend their legal rights, the company made a complaint on the BOC website. 
Actions taken: Having promptly examined the merits of the case, the Council’s investigator called DABI. In particular, he stressed the importance of the court decision enforcement,which came into force. 
Results achieved: Following the conversation, the facility was registered. The case, which remained unresolved for over two years, was solved by the investigator just in one day. 

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