The Council gains fulfilment of the court ruling regarding chemicals manufacturer

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Subject of complaint:  Investigations Department of Financial Investigations of Main Department of State Fiscal Service (MD SFS) in Kharkiv Oblast
Complaint in brief: On November 18, 2016, the Complainant, a manufacturer of chemicals, addressed the BOC to help challenge actions of state officials of MD SFS Investigations Department of Financial Investigations in Kharkiv Oblast. The Complainant informed the BOC that investigation officers had seized all necessary for Complainant’s normal operation capital assets during the searches carried out within the course of groundless in Complainant’s opinion criminal proceeding. 
The Complainant turned to the Kyiv District Court of Kharkiv and attained revocation of arrest over the property  with the Court Ruling dated February 01, 2017. Nevertheless, the Investigations Department delayed performing the Court Ruling and didn’t return the seized property to Complainant.
Actions taken: Having examined the issue of Complainant, on February 22, the BOC investigator recommended the Investigations Department of Financial Investigations to enforce the Court Ruling and to stop violating the Complainant’s rights. The BOC investigator also discussed Complainant’s issue at the meeting of joint working group of the BOC and the SFS of Ukraine.
Result achieved: On March 03, the Complainant informed that officials of Investigations Department successfully fulfilled the court ruling. The Complainant got an opportunity to regain the seized property. The case was closed successfully. 

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