Tax invoices of agricultural enterprise of Kharkiv region unblocked

Tax VAT invoice suspension Kharkiv region

Complainee: STS, Main Department of STS in Kharkiv region (Kharkiv STS)
Complaint in brief: The Council received a complaint from an agricultural enterprise from Kharkiv region. The company complained about suspension of registration of four tax invoices. According to the decision of the tax authority, it rejected registration of the invoices due to absence of certain documents. In order to confirm the reality of transactions, the complainant submitted packages of necessary documents to the tax authority and additionally solicited the Council’s support.
Actions taken: Having examined the case file, the investigator concluded that the complaint was substantiated. The Council recommended the STS to satisfy the company’s complaint and cancel the illegal decision that violated legal interests of the complainant.
Results achieved: Having upheld the Council’s recommendations, the tax authority registered tax invoices of the agricultural enterprise. The complainant thanked the investigators team for the effective work: “We express our gratitude to you and your team for a huge help in settling the issue on behalf of our director and the whole team. Now we will be able to receive money from the buyer in the amount of VAT on the sale that our company vitally needs for starting the autumn fieldwork”. The case was successfully closed.

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