Tax Inspection for Large Taxpayers refunds VAT in amount over UAH 238 mn. to steel tubes producer

Tax issues: Dilatory VAT refund Dnipropetrovs'k region

Subject of complaint: Specialized State Tax Inspection for Large Taxpayers in Dnipro  (SSTI in Dnipro), State Fiscal Service (SFS)
Complaint in brief: The Complainant, one of the largest European companies specialized in producing seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes with manufacturing facilities in Dnipro Oblast, lodged a complaint with the BOC regarding VAT non-refund by SSTI in Dnipro in amount over UAH 238 mn. for separate periods of 2016.
Action taken: Having investigated the matter, the BOC investigator contacted the SSTI in Dnipro to make sure that the SSTI had timely fulfilled its obligations on submission of conclusions concerning the refundable VAT sums to the respective treasury department and to SFS. 
Taken that the Complainant is a large taxpayer, the BOC discussed the issue with senior officials of the Central Office for Large Taxpayers.
Result achieved: As a result of the BOC’s involvement, the Complainant received the VAT refund in amount over UAH 238 mn. The case was successfully closed

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