State register – a place for authentic information

Ministry of Justice actions: enforcement service Kherson region

Complainee: Ministry of Justice (MinJust)
Complaint in brief: The Council received a complaint from Kharkiv printing house. The company complained about the fact that inappropriate information about the company was reflected in the state register. When the enterprise was attacked by raiders, other persons became owners and CEO of the printing house in the register. Although the court had obliged the MinJust to cancel illegal registration actions, the correct data about the complainant did not appear in the register. Therefore, the company appealed to the Business Ombudsman Council for help.

Actions taken: Having examined the case file, the investigator acknowledged the complaint was substantiated. The Council recommended the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Registration of Kharkiv City Council (Registration Department) and Department of Registration of Kherson City Council (State Registration Department) to reflect the proper information about the complainant in the register. Despite the fact that illegal registration actions were cancelled, the authentic information about the owners and the CEO of the printing house was not reflected. Raiders had also managed to change the company’s address to the other region. The printing house could not correct the data about the company on their own, thus the investigation was continued by the Council. Taking into account the quarantine related restrictions, the Council ensured consideration of the complaint between registration bodies from different Ukrainian regions by conference call.
Results achieved: After controlling authorities agreed on common actions, the proper information about the complainant was restored in the state register.

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