State Architectural and Construction Inspection removes delays in registering declaration of start of construction works

Other state regulators DABI Kyiv region

Subject of complaint: State Architectural and Construction Inspection, Kyiv Oblast (SACI)
Complaint in brief: The Complainant, a company specialized in producing of cardboard and packing materials, turned to the BOC with regard to delay in registering its declaration of the start of construction works necessary to reconstruct the Complainant’s production facility. On January 20, 2016, the Complainant had submitted this declaration to SACI in Kyiv Oblast to be registered. Within 10 days, however, SACI rejected the declaration, due to the alleged non-compliance of the type of construction to the exhaustive list of works provided by effective legislation. Over January-May 2016, SACI refused to register the Complainant’s declaration five times, each time making new demands to the Complainant’s declaration. The last rejection from SACI was because of alleged non-compliance of the declared category of complexity of construction that obliged Complainant to apply for the building permit.
Action taken: In the beginning of June 2016, the BOC applied to SACI with request to explain reasons for delay in registration of declaration. On June 16, the BOC experts initiated a meeting with the director of SACI of Ukraine, in the course of which they discussed the issue of systematic delays in issuing permitting documents for construction. The specific case of this Complainant was brought up as an example of delays in registering declarations. Shortly after this meeting, SACI in Kyiv Oblast informed about readiness to have constructive dialogue with Complainant and to solve his issue substantially.
Result achieved: As a result of established cooperation with SACI in Kyiv Oblast, on June 20, the Complainant submitted his declaration again, and SACI registered it within three days. The category of the complexity of construction wasn’t changed.
The BOC included the mentioned case in the Systemic Report “Reducing the risk of corruption and attracting investment to the construction industry” presented on July 28, 2016.  

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