SFS drops additional payment worth almost half a million hryvnias for enterprise from Winner Group of Companies

Tax issues: Inspections by state tax and fiscal agencies Kyiv region

Subject of complaint: Main Department of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (MD SFS)
Complaint in brief: An enterprise belonging to the Winner Group of Companies, which is, in particular, known for officially importing cars of the leading world brands, turned to the Council. The company disagreed with the tax audit conclusions, according to which it had to pay fines worth almost half a million hryvnias. 
In late 2018, the SFS audited the company’s activities and found the taxpayer, when making an advance payment on income tax (when paying dividends), made a mistake in the treasury account number. The regional SFS department believed such a mistake caused an untimely tax liabilities payment. 
The company challenged the tax authority decision and approached the Council for support. 
Actions taken: Having thoroughly studied case materials, the Council upheld the Complainant’s position and asked the SFS in writing to comprehensively and impartially consider the complaint of the Winner company. In addition, the Council’s team participated in the case consideration at the SFS. 
Result achieved: Having accepted the Council’s arguments, the SFS satisfied the company’s complaint and dropped the payment of UAH 471k. The Complainant thanked the Council for help: “We believe it was the Business Ombudsman Council involvement and the reasoned and impartial position that helped us to get a positive decision of the SFS”. The case was closed successfully

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