SFS acknowledges supplier’s excisable fuel stock

Tax issues: Other issues Kyiv

Subject of complaint: Main Department of the State Fiscal Service in the City of Kyiv (MD of SFS)
Complaint in brief: On July 13, 2016, the Complainant, a Ukrainian supplier of gas and oil products, lodged a complaint with the BOC regarding the failure of the MD of SFS in Kyiv to acknowledge the volume of fuel for which the Complainant was entitled to register excise invoices and calculations of adjustments in the fuel sale electronic administration system.
The Complainant had received a certificate from tax authorities confirming the inventory of fuel stock, but was unable to register excise invoices for this amount. 
Action taken: On July 29, the BOC contacted the SFS with a request to take all necessary measures to acknowledge the volume of fuel. The SFS wrote back on September 2 saying that the SFS was working on it, and on September 12 confirmed that the issue is resolved.
Result achieved: The Complainant informed the BOC that the problem had been successfully resolved and the case was closed.

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