Raider attack against enterprise from Kharkiv Oblast fought back 

Ministry of Justice actions: enforcement service Kharkiv region

Complainee: Notary and State Registration Department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
Complaint in brief: Spouses from Kharkiv, founders of the company dealing with carrying passengers turned to the Business Ombudsman Council. A hostile takeover of the company was performed through making amendments to corporate documents and public registers. 
The couple learned by chance that the state registrar on the basis of forged documents changed the company’s shareholders, CEO and the signatory. The only shareholder of the company was the other legal entity, the Complainants’ immovable property was transferred to as a contribution to the company’s share capital.
Since the Complainants neither participated in the shareholders meeting as set forth in forged documents nor applied to notaries, nor did they initiate any mentioned registration changes or signed relevant documents, it was obvious they had been attacked by raiders. 
The entrepreneurs immediately contacted the Ministry of Justice State Commission for Consideration of Complaints in the Field of State Registration (Commission) and filed a complaint with the BOC.
Actions taken: After examining the circumstances of the case, the Council’s presented its position in a letter to the Commission and requested that it provide a full, comprehensive and impartial consideration of the Complainant’s case. 
Result achieved: The Ministry of Justice reported on a full satisfaction of the complaint. The challenged registration actions were cancelled and up-to-date information in state registers was restored.

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