Raider attack against Econia is stopped

Ministry of Justice actions: enforcement service Cherkasy region

Subject of complaint: Ministry of Justice (MinJust)
Complaint in brief: On July 23, 2018, Econia, a producer of drinking water and baby food, addressed the Council over a raider attack at their plant in Cherkasy Oblast.
According to the Complainant, on July 19, about 15 people broke into company premises claiming that they owned the plant. Apparently, these individuals had, through illegal registration actions at the State Registry of Property Rights to Real Estate, registered ownership of assets that were actually and legally owned by the Complainant. These unlawful registration actions were the result of a court order from back in 2007.
Company management noted that this wasn’t the first attempt to take over their business. The raider story began in 2008, when Econia purchased the premises of a bankrupt company. In 2010, the first attempt to take over the plant was attempted, but the court confirmed that Econia had acquire the building legally.
Actions taken: Having examined the materials of the Complaint, the Council supported the company’s position. On July 26, the Council asked the the Commission Tasked to Consider Complaints in the Sphere of State Registrations (Commission) to review the Complainant’s appeal impartially and promptly. On August 9, the Council’s investigator took part in a meeting of the Commission to consider the company’s case.
Result achieved: With the Council assistance, on August 10, MinJust satisfied the company’s appeal and declared the unauthorized registration actions null and void. The case was closed successfully.

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