Problems for businesses due to the military situation in the East of Ukraine

Complainee: State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
Complaint in Brief: On 21 May 2015, BOC received a complaint from one of the top Ukrainian manufacturers of equipment for filling stations, natural gas compressor stations and oil storage bases. The company complained that its request to be included in the list of enterprises having the right to move freight from and to the occupied territory was being held up too long. The Complainant used to be located in Donetsk Oblast but changed location at the end of 2014 and moved the company’s production facilities to the territory outside of the Anti-Terrorist Operation. After the Complainant turned to the BOC, he was granted respective permission. However, in the course of investigation, BOC experts identified that the companies dealing with the territories with temporarily limited access face a range of problems that need to be tackled. 
Actions taken: BOC included this case to its quarterly report on systemic problem “Problems for businesses as a result of the military situation in the East of Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea” providing recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and respective state bodies.
Result achieved: BOC’s actions resulted in the Prime-Minister’s assignment to SFS Head, Minister of Internal affairs, Defense Minister, Finance Minister and Economics Minister to review the issues, take actions to resolve them and inform the BOC and Cabinet of Ministers on the outcome. BOC will thoroughly monitor the implementation of its recommendations. 

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