Presure on a company by the local military administartion stopped

A large fish producer located in the west of Ukraine turned to the Business Ombudsman Council. Since the beginning of the full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation, the company had become an active volunteer for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The company actively supplied foods to military units, territorial defense and other charitable organizations. The company informed the #BOC_helpline the Regional Military Administration (RMA) initiated inspections on the legality of the company’s use of water bodies in the region. The Council immediately took up the case, because the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, by Resolution No. 303 of March 13, 2022, suspended conducting scheduled and unscheduled inspections during the period of martial law.
In the course of the investigation, the investigator found out that the Working Group, created by the Regional Military Administration, performed inspections on the quality of water in the ponds in which the company bred fish. According to their conclusions, the water condition in the ponds was unsatisfactory. The Working Group refused to provide documents with conclusions to the enterprise. Meanwhile, contrary to the Working Group conclusions, the enterprise ordered its own laboratory water test, which confirmed its quality.
Among other things, the Working Group also initiated an audit of the company’s payment of rent and land tax to the budget. The company considered simultaneous initiation of several inspections against it as a manifestation of pressure.
After processing the company’s appeal, the Council turned to the Regional Military Administration Deputy Head and reminded the Cabinet of Ministers of inspections suspension during martial law.
The RMA informed the Council it did not authorize the Working Group to inspect the enterprise.
The applicant confirmed that after the BOC intervention, the pressure on his business ceased.

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