Officials release cargo of corn for export from Mykolaiv port

Other state regulators StateGeoCadastre Mykolayiv region

Subject of Complaint: Northwest Black Sea Region Environmental Inspection (environmental office), Mykolaiv Customs of SFS (Mykolaiv Customs)
Complaint in brief: On October 17, 2017, the BOC received a complaint regarding a prohibition on exports by officials of ecological office and Mykolaiv Customs officials from a port operator that reloads, forwards and registers export goods in the Port of Mykolaiv. The laden ship was not released from the port due to a negative stamp on the manifest of radiological control.
Three days before its appeal to BOC, the Complainant was planning to ship a load of corn for export. The cargo was completely ready to go: phytosanitary certificates and other permits were in hand, all the necessary procedures and inspections had been completed. In addition, the cargo successfully passed radiological control through a special stationary system. Still, ecological inspection officials did not allow the export of goods because of its alleged environmental hazard.
The Complainant’s perishable cargo was then blocked in the Mykolaiv port for an indefinite period.
Action taken: After analyzing the port operator’s various permit documents, the BOC investigator turned to the administration of the regional ecological office and directly to the State Ecological Inspection of Ukraine. Investigator recommended to audit the grounds  for banning the cargo’s export and to take actions so that the ship would be released  to its destination. The investigator emphasized the urgency of the shipment, given its short shelf life.
Result achieved: On October 20, ecological inspection’s  officials amended in the Complainant’s documents information regarding the radiological control and allowed the vessel to leave the Port. Thanks to the intervention of the BOC, the case was successfully closed within a few days.

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