Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office returns unlawfully seized property to investment firm

Prosecutor’s Office actions: procedural abuse Kyiv

Subject of complaint: Kyiv Municipal Prosecutor’s Office (Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office)
Complaint is brief: On October 26, 2017, the BOC received a complaint from an investment firm concerning the failure to act on the part of the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office.
Over a year ago, in October 2016, the Office’s investigative unit had searched the Complainant’s offices and removed company equipment and documents without actually having the necessary warrant to remove said property.
A month later, the Pechersk Court ruled in favor of the company and ordered the investigator to return the property seized during his search. However, the inspector was in no hurry to comply with the court order.
The firm spent the following year addressing district courts, the National Police, and the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office in vain. Its property remained confiscated, and its operations were paralyzed.
Actions taken: After examining the circumstances of the case, the BOC investigator wrote to the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office requesting that the enforcement of the court decision be verified and the Complainant’s property returned. While reviewing the complaint, the investigator also contacted the procedural supervisor of the investigator in charge of the case. 
Result achieved: As a result, the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office informed the Complainant that it was prepared to return the company’s seized property. On December 20, the Complainant confirmed that the all the confiscated property had been returned. The case was successfully closed.

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