Heating company is given free access to property

Actions of local councils/municipalities: Investment disputes Zhytomyr region

Subject of complaint: Village Council in Zhytomyr Oblast
Complaint in brief: In November 2016, the Complainant, a heat generation and supply company registered in Zhytomyr Oblast, lodged a complaint with the BOC to challenge obstacles set up by the chair of the local village council in Zhytomyr Oblast regarding the Complainant’s free access to his property, solid-fuel boilers located on the premises of the local school. The Complainant wanted to dismantle his equipment after the village council refused to renew an agreement to rent the furnaces.
Actions taken: Over November-December, the BOC investigator had several phone conversations with the village council chair and reached an agreement to guarantee the Complainant free access to his property.
On November 28, the BOC investigator sent a written request to the chair about the council’s unscrupulous actions.
Result achieved: Due to the BOC’s involvement, on December 26, the village council chair and the Complainant called to confirm that an agreement had been reached to guarantee the Complainant unubstructed access to its property. The case was closed successfully.

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