Exporting is not the same as “smuggling”

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Recently, an enterprise trading in waste and scrap turned to the Business Ombudsman Council. It turned out that Volyn Customs, for unknown reasons, did not let the company’s goods cross the border at first. The company exported ferrous metal scrap to Poland. When crossing the border, the customs officials refused to pass the goods, later referring to the instructions of the Anti-Smuggling Department of Volyn Customs and the State Bureau of Investigation (DBR). Trucks with goods remained in the paid customs control zone, the company was threatened with a fine for late delivery. The company was waiting for the DBR to inspect the goods and the company’s trucks were in the respective area for over five days.
BOC immediately responded to the appeal and held negotiations with the Anti-Smuggling Department of Volyn Customs. The Council asked to speed up the inspection of trucks and to coordinate its duration with the DBR.
In the long run, the goods were inspected, and the customs and law enforcement bodies had no remarks at all. The company’s trucks successfully crossed the Ukrainian-Polish border. The company confirmed that in the future, the customs clearance time of their vehicles got significantly reduced.

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