Customs service cancels a decision on incorrectness of a goods’ UCGFEA code

A logistics services operator imported an extender for a crawler crane for the customer. During customs clearance, Dnipro Customs established the alleged incorrectness of the UCGFEA code, changed it to another one (having established that the goods were not intended for a crawler crane, but for a wheel crane), which entailed an increase in customs duties.
It is of interest that during declaration of goods, the company provided the necessary list of documents to the customs and had a history of customs clearance according to the declared code. However, customs officials examined the goods, and later determined a new UCGFEA product code, referring to examination results and letters from the distributor the company knew nothing about.
BOC upheld the complainant’s position and in an appeal to the State Customs Service of Ukraine (SCS) asked to consider his arguments regarding classification of goods. The Council invited the SCS to a joint meeting to discuss the company’s complaint.
At the same time, due to the persuasiveness of the Complainant’s and the Council’s arguments, the State Customs Service canceled the classification decision of Dnipro Customs and agreed with the imported crane extender UCGFEA code previously determined by the company.

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